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If you are considering renting out a home that you own, the best investment you can make is hiring a professional property management company.

At McNally, we have the expertise and experience to take care of everything that comes along with owning a rental property, from advertising, to screening tenants, to ongoing maintenance, and more.

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Here are a few homes we've previously rented out and managed:

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McNally Management prides itself on old fashioned customer service.


Locally owned and operated, we have the local knowledge and expertise you need.


We use innovative technology to effectively manage your property.


Just a note to thank the McNally crew for the excellent service you have given us this past year. We always had questions answered in a timely and courteous manner and felt our best interests were being met. As we went through the process you found us a great renter. He kept our place neat and clean, and we would have him back again.

-Michael O.

McNally management is really good at what they do. I shared an office floor with them and they were really fun to be around. They first started out as my landlord for a commercial office that I started by business with then they then helped me find a house! Definitely would recommend to anyone needing quick and accurate help with real estate by caring and kind people.

-Chance W.

FAIR, HONEST, Detail Oriented, EXCELLENT Customer Service...are just a few ways to describe my experience with McNally Management. Whether you're a tenant or owner, you'll be happy to work with such an amazing group of people who REALLY CARE about the homes and tenant. 100% the ONLY company I would consider recommending for property management services. The are INCREDIBLE and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to work with them. Thank you Thank you for ALL you do!

-Crystal S.

What are some tax advantages of owning a rental property?

In addition to the obvious advantage of building equity through paying a mortgage and collecting rental income, Rental properties can offer a number of tax advantages to landlords. These can include:

1. Depreciation: Landlords can generally claim a depreciation deduction for the wear and tear on the rental property. This is calculated by dividing the cost of the property (less the value of the land) by a certain number of years, as determined by the IRS.

2. Expense deductions: Landlords can also claim deductions for certain expenses related to the rental property, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, and management fees.

3. Losses: If the landlord has a loss on the rental property (for example, if the expenses exceed the rental income), they may be able to use that loss to offset other income on their tax return.

4. Capital gains exclusions: When a landlord sells a rental property, they may be able to exclude a portion of the capital gain from their income, depending on how long they owned the property and how they used it. It's important to note that there are limits and restrictions on some of these tax advantages, and landlords should consult a tax professional or refer to IRS guidelines for more information.

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